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How we make a Bulletproof Plan?

1- Strategic Planning:
Focus on the creation of value as part of a long-term outlook and sustainability of the value created.

2-Action Planning:
The creation of a guide for the management of the corporate activities. Action Plan is an instrument which guides the main operating choices and in particular the entry into new markets, the introduction of new products and services, the use of new distribution channels, the expansion of the customer portfolio and the tracing of all the resources - financial, human, organizational and technological - necessary for the implementation of the strategic objectives.

3-Sensitivity Analysis:
The planning process which leads to the creation of a strategic plan is based on a series of assumptions and therefore by its very nature unfolds under conditions of uncertainty. Therefore it is advisable to present a sensitivity analysis with respect to the main qualitative and quantitative variables, which can substantially affect the creation of value.

4-Reviewing the Plan:
The clear specification of the strategic choices and the implementation actions in a document, whose guidelines will also be communicated to third parties, implies a preliminary critical examination by management: in this manner, the structuring process of the plan becomes a learning instrument which makes it possible to verify the quality of certain managerial insights and therefore reduce the related risks. In fact, the drawing up of the strategic plan usually implies its progressive streamlining and therefore the drafting of subsequent versions within a repetitive process: the erroneous assumptions, the weak areas and the inconsistencies are therefore progressively corrected.

BIT C HOUR LIMITED is committed to delivering the highest standards of financial transparency through:
- Clear and open communications with investors
- Maintaining accurate financial records which transparently and honestly reflect the financial position of our business
- Endeavoring to maximize investors returns
- Fostering an open, co-operative relationship with our regulators.
- Regular updates on trading and financial results enable various stakeholders to understand performance and prospects

About Us

BIT C HOUR LIMITED is an old and well established registered trading company in the United Kingdom with extensive experience and elite expertise at our disposal. We are committed to utilize resources in ways that ensure the long-term sustainability and profitability. We value diversity as a driver for development and innovation. So, now we are involving online investors as well.

Our Mission is to yield maximum profit for our investors while keeping risk at 0%.

Considering our comprehensive awareness of different markets, sector based dynamics, current trends and fluctuations you are in for a roller coaster ride with a seat belt on, while we grip more new and valid opportunities of investment.

The research plays a fundamental role in stock trading which includes fundamental research, quantitative research, economic research and technical forecasting. Our Team is armed and laced which ultimately makes trading successful.

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